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"Mary and David provide wonderful ideas, offer a wealth of knowledge about design and construction as well as fixtures and products, are mindful of the budget, always meet deadlines, and are very pleasant and friendly professionals to work with. It's true!"

88 Prince Street
Jamaica Plain MA 02130

T 617 942 1004

How We Work

Our business and our success have been built on these premises:

Design for you, not for us.

We design spaces that are a reflection of the people who live in or use them, and not of our own notions about what homes and work places should look like. We have opinions, of course: we value quality materials and craftsmanship, fine details, and a less-is-more approach to design. We create spaces that resonate with their natural surroundings, and where the play of light produces constant delight. Our work is most successful when the design feels natural and the hand of the architect is hidden.

Pay attention to people as well as details.

Architects must be detail-oriented, and we're no exception. But our attention to detail extends to our client relationships as well. The intimate size of our firm means you will always work with our principals. We're readily available and return calls promptly. We've chosen our profession as much for our love of people as our love of design, as our commitment to extraordinary customer service demonstrates.

Bring value to every task.

Great design isn't cheap, but it doesn't have to be expensive, either. We strive constantly to create value for our clients by carefully managing the process. We produce accurate estimates that minimize surprises. We prepare construction documents of the highest quality to keep construction costs down, and we proactively solve potentially costly problems before they arise.

Make clients the center of the process.

One of the best parts of our business is getting clients excited about design. It's our privilege to enter your lives for a few months or a year, to understand your dreams for your space, to help you see how different choices will realize your dream in different ways, and to watch you arrive at a design choice that combines your personal aesthetic with our skills and design sense.



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